Thursday, March 13, 2014

And so it begins

I need a little more ink on my fingers.

We write to be heard. We create to be understood. We do both to connect, to create a community around us of like-minded individuals. Though blogging doesn't require ink, it does require vision. Breathing space. Metaphor for life. All come together to form the world of the author's making. It is into my world I invite you, reader. Community cannot exist without company. Here, you are most welcome.

As I breathe onto this page, new life begins. Ideas tumble, dreams flutter and, tentatively, my soul peaks from behind a large book and whispers, "Are we there yet?"

Yes, dear heart, we are. Here. And so are you, dear reader, and for that, I thank you.

Thank you for wandering by, for knocking on the door and giving me a chance.

Though the ornamental pears are in full blossom, the wind still chills as it howls among the pines. Come warm yourself by the fire. Hastings will take your coat and tea is waiting for you in the library.

I hope you can stay and, when you do depart, I hope that you'll return very, very soon. I'm building this Manor from the ground up; please pardon the dust. Once it settles, there will be much to explore. Come back often. The posts will soon begin to pile and the windows flung wide. The curtains will flutter with the smell of fresh cut grass, the sound of June bugs will serenade the night. We'll adventure much together: stories and projects and random cups of tea. There's a path outback that leads down to the coast. Once cleared we'll take it past rabbits that dress like Potter's tales and cottages with roses the size of dinner plates. Back at The Manor, a hedgehog does the laundry and a carpenter sets the table for dinner. Oh the conversations we'll have, the things we'll make, the dreams we'll dream. And finally, we'll take those conversations, those snippets of life turned Polaroid, and see how best to set the free into the world. Into the wild.

Welcome to the journey that has been a long time coming. I'm so glad to have you along.

All is well, all is well, and all manner of thing shall be well. ~ Julian of Norwich

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