Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Living Green

Green were the hills and green was the air; she turned and saw surrounding
nothing but green. "I'm home" she sighed, "at last, I'm home." (JSC)

"Green Living" is all the rage. Everyone touts "going green" as a revolutionary way to save the planet. It's wonderful, really, people turning left and right and seeing ways they can better care for the planet. It is, after all, the only one we have for the moment.

Recycling. Solar power. Turning off the lights when you leave the room. Important, yes. Little steps to, hopefully, help a much larger problem. But what does "green living" mean to us, to you, to me personally?

I've been living green my entire life without knowing it. I was raised by parents who loved gardening, a mother who still picks fresh lemon balm and brews it for afternoon tea. We made clothes and party decor; my father built tables and cabinets and my mother wove baskets and knocked down walls to widen the small house we inhabited. Nothing was wasted. Dad would bring something home from work. A cast off, he said, found on a lady's front porch/in a drain ditch/tucked behind the wood pile. Mom took it all in, cleaned it, painted it, repurposed it. My sister and I never thought we were raised in anything but a normal house.

Now those very things are championed as Green. My husband brings home cast offs. We turn them into wall hangings. We adopt branches and bricks; we curate odd art from Goodwill. Books follow me home; I'm a Pied Piper of the printed page. I turn old books into decor, old cookbooks into wallpaper and am currently working on a series for this blog about using a stack of old magazines that I've magpied for the past 18 years.

Living green shouldn't be about band wagons or political propaganda. It shouldn't be a catch phrase to get an article published. It shouldn't be a fad that comes and goes with the breeze. It just makes sense. It's what I do, what I've always done, and what I hope will soon become not just my passion but my livelihood.

What kind of green living do you do? Upcycle old tables or old T-shirts? What about repurposing books or silverware into home decor? Anything old in the garden that you could spruce up, turn around, resurrect? I'd love to hear from you: thecupandpage (at) gmail (dot) com.

Happy greening!


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