Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Do you see that? The bright reflection in the screen. It’s coming from behind you. Unlike the glow coming from your computer, television or phone, the light is warm, inviting, and it is calling. Calling you to shut down, log off, and unplug.

Come outside, it beckons, in the chill of new spring. Come outside and feel the wet, cold grass stick to your toes. Let the pollen cake in your toenails and tickle your nose. Sneeze, breathe, let the shuddering sunlight tingle your fingertips and knees. Sit, linger, watch the birds peep and cheep and crack between beaks the bagged food you tossed out yesterday afternoon.

Don’t be intimidated by the mud and muck. That’s just leftovers from the washing. Turn your face to the sky and let the rain wash away the winter dust. There’s no shame in crying; spring is about cleansing, inside and out.

Unplug, unwind. Allow yourself to breathe. Give your limbs a place to sink, to take root, allow your soul to grow. You can share the experience later. Memory is a wonderful thing. But first, experience.

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