Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Bright colors don't usually make an appearance in our house. Muted greys and blues, greens and the occasional red are an ever-present pallet. But in the garden I adore bright colors. Roses, azaleas, hibiscus, pansies: if it's going in the ground or in a pot I want it to POP! Inside I want peace and tranquility; outside I want to be reminded of the sensual grandeur of Nature.

I grew up with a yard filled with violets. Early Spring to early Summer found the main area of our back yard aglow with a haze of purple. Deep and rich, they peered up at us, reminding me of those flowers in Wonderland. They had faces. I half expected them to talk.

With fistfuls we'd return inside and our mother would dutifully find little cups and bowls into which we could put them. They brightened up dark corners in every room, including the bathrooms. I still enjoy bouquets of fresh-picked flowers. I don't have a small field of violets, but I do have azalea bushes and some blooming garlic chives. The thyme has sprigs of tiny white flowers, more dew drops than cut arrangement. Soon the lavender will bloom and another corner of the small herb patch will breathe in color.

 Once the containers are cleaned and soil is purchased, I'll be sure to add even more color but always purple prevails. Blue and purple, periwinkle and white: all with tinges of those long remembered violets. 


  1. Purple flowers are my favorite, too.

  2. Purple would match your decor indoors as well.
    Our flowers outside are all yellow. Daffodils and dandelions.

  3. How pretty! I've always liked purple (just look at my blog), but I'm more a pastel girl, typically. I like the hint of spring, the freshness, the innocence before a full bloom and vibrant color. =)

    True Heroes from A to Z

  4. Robin: I hardly use purple inside but I gravitate towards it in the garden!

    Alex: Perhaps I should add a bit more inside :)

    Crystal: Me too; I lean more to colors of a storm tossed sea but I do like some splashes of purple now and then :)

  5. Purple/violet is the color of the top, or crown chakra. Fitting that is the color you so enjoy!

  6. Dean: I hadn't thought of that. Interesting :)


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