Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ever Encroaching Mint

The parsley has been reaching toward the sky for days. Trimming it requires scissors now; my fingernails aren't enough. The lavender, however, is like a soft, purple cloud, spreading wings over its corner in a half sphere of memory. Memory of my mother's soap, the drawers of her dresser, the potpourri that is always in bowls tucked 'round the house.

Up through the lavender a spear of mint soldiers, excusing and pushing its way among the moss colored leaves. Sweet and savory mix to form an idea: a story, a perfume, a once and future project. Last night we made mojitos and this very same mint - which has taken over an entire corner of the herb patch - was muddled and mixed into a delicious concoction enjoyed by dwindling sunlight. Take, sip, enjoy: simplicity at its finest. 

I find my brain like the herb garden and ideas like the mint. Something will establish itself (lavender and parsley) yet the mind is ever encroaching. How does one focus on the lavender? How do we take care to tend the parsley, all the while the mint marches forward. New ideas mingle with old; roots entwine to create something new, something more. I'm at the crux of that "something more", Dear Reader. I just have to figure out what to prune and what to let blossom.

I'm working odd hours the next two weeks. Thank you in advance for bearing with me!
Have a wonderful Tuesday,

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  1. What to prune and what to let blossom... that is something everyone faces. In writing and in LIFE.


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