Thursday, May 15, 2014

Let it Burn...

May I start off by saying Thank You for your LOVELY comments on my last post. I do tend to wax nostalgic when I daydream about Savannah. Thank you for your kind words (and for your patience. This week has been a doozy!)

There have been several instances where experience took me back to remembering. "I've been here before!" I thought. When rummaging through thoughts, I tend to find that when I'm lost in "doing" and "being" there is a past that whispers, "See? You DO belong here."

Many times we let things go. Desires, passions, dreams. I'm guilty. Probably the worst. We tend to do something for a time, enjoy it, then convince ourselves it's "just not practical". So we move on, try something else, a suggestion from someone who knows better. Deep down we know what we should be doing. And, if we're lucky, those desires smolder and stay warm beneath a mountain of coals.

Suddenly, like the sun between savage snow storms, it dawns, "Wait. This is what I always wanted." And we do, become, sift, and extract a still bright coal. Amazingly, it burns when we fan it, sets paper ablaze when stoked and soon roars to life. We're befuddled. "But it's just ___. It's nothing important." 

Says the masses. Says the naysayers. Says the media and marketing and, as Madeleine L'Engle called it, Madison Avenue. But we know. We KNOW. Whatever it is - writing, oil painting, brain surgery, doodling on canvas- we were born to do THIS, NOW.

What are you waiting for?


“What is a self-image? Who started talking about one? I rather fancy it was Madison Avenue. Picture Satan in a business suit, with well-groomed horns and a superbly switching tail, sitting at his huge executive's desk, thinking, 'Aha! If I can substitute images for reality I can get a lot more people under my domination.” ~ Madeleine L'Engle


  1. Seems like it SHOULD be easy to follow your bliss. Turns out not so much. If it were, we would all be doing it...

  2. Well said, Jen...

    We can't stifle our passions because if we do we live a half life... And really, who wants that?

  3. Keep your writing brain working. You have what it takes.

  4. Robin: Yes, it should! We just need to learn to get out of our own way as well as not to allow others to prevent us from following our dreams.

    Michael: Thanks! I agree. No one really wants a half life!

    Mary: Thank you!! :)

  5. You are so great! Thanks for the reminder. I find I can fall out of what I want to be so easily. I want to be more than one thing. One is practical, while the other isn't, so I tend to focus my energy on just the one. But I want BOTH. Who says I can't have my cake and eat it too? :)

  6. We were born to do this now. I like that thought a lot!

    Mary Montague Sikes


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