Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thursdays child has far to go...

Well good morning! It seems a whole week has gone by without my popping in here. When I said things were shifting at work, I had no idea it was more like plate tectonics. Once the ripples smooth it won't be a bad thing - just a bit more hours for everyone and a wee bit more responsibility. That takes some getting used to.

I have been gardening, though, in the wee free hours. The plants are potted and only half are still in need of more soil. The birds are still greedy and demand a full feeder every morning promptly at 7. I got a jump on things this time and dumped a hefty helping into their feeder last night. They seemed a bit surprised this morning to find the seed present and accounted for.

In other news, the slugs seem to have squirtled away and (so far) I haven't stepped on a single one!

Memorial Day was filled with potted plant-planting and hamburger grilling, bocce ball playing and grilled pineapple eating. Yes. Pineapple, grilled with cinnamon and sugar. You should try it. Heaven.

At this precise moment I'm sitting on my back patio trying to chase away the brain fog with a cup of mullein tea and hoping this post doesn't sound so disjointed that you'll be wondering if I left half my brain back at the olde herb shoppe! I enjoy educating others about herbs, but honestly, there's only so many times in a week one can discuss weight loss and colon cleanses before it starts chiseling away at the soul.

I personally challenged myself to re-read/complete reading several of my favorite series this summer. I started this month with James A. Owen's BRILLIANT "The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica" series and I am 3/4 of a book away from completing all seven. I've posted about this series before, but now having read the series in its entirety I can honestly say it is one of the BEST series I have ever read. If you're a fan of classic fantasy, science fiction, pop culture, adventure stories you really should give these a whirl!

That about covers this weekly romp through the crisscrossed wires of my brain. I hope everyone is doing well. Next Wednesday is the Insecure Writer's Support Group meeting. If you aren't already signed up, I hope you'll join us! There is much neurotic fun and heaps of encouragement to be found :D. Even if you aren't a writer, there are wise words to be read from each participate. Give it a whirl why don't 'cha?

Happy Thursday/Weekend/End of May!


  1. Hey, Jen,

    Thanks for the info on the IG series... sounds like a great read.

    Glad you had a great M weekend....

    Still cool here in Chicago. I wish it would STAY warm. WE have one terrific day in the low 80's then it drops back down into the low 60's.... Winter seems to really want to hang on this year.

  2. Hi Jen,
    I'm not really a sci-fi/fantasy reader. But my personal challenge is to read across genres. I'm quite enjoying the space opera genre, having reading Alex's Cassastar, and Books 1&2 of Mary Pax's Backworlds series...

  3. We do have our neurotic fun!
    I'll try that with some pineapple slices.
    Hope you don't step on any big slugs.

  4. Michael: Sorry winter wants to stay around in Chicago. Here in Georgia, we're already comfortably in the 80s. I may be the only person happy about this; I do so love to be warm! Happy weekend and here's to warmer weather for you soon!

    Michelle: I understand. I joined a reading group for a while to read outside my genre. It was interesting. I was introduced to a lot of authors and ideas I would not have otherwise discovered. Good luck with the space opera! It's a very fun genre to get lost in :)

    Alex: Ah, what would I do without neurotic fun?? Still no slugs in sight...happy weekend!

  5. Grilled pineapple...YUM! You just threw it on the grill with everything else? I've had it in restaurants, but I never thought to make it at home.

  6. Good to no stepping on slugs haha sounds like a great weekend was had at your pad

  7. Stephanie, yep. We just tossed them on there after everything else was going. They don't take very long (5-6 minutes per side?) and they are delicious! Here is the recipe we used, but we skipped the coconut milk since we didn't have any.

  8. Stephanie: As Jon said, yes, we just tossed them on the grill with a bit of sugar. Definitely worth a try!

    Pat: Indeed! And no slugs were harmed in the making of this weekend :)

  9. I am big into healing herbs, spices, and whole foods as well as pineapple with a caramelized top.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.


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