Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Words for Wednesday

Slugs are weird creatures. They don't really crawl; they have no legs. They appear out of no where, silent and transcendent as if they crossed over from another dimension. They don't care you or I exist. They just keep moving forward.

You can see through them, for crying out loud! Their guts are there in all their glory. They're slimy, they're icky, and no one wants to step on one (bleck!).

And yet...

Silver ribbons streak my patio, crisscross the garden path. The sunlight flickers across them and they glitter like Elvish writing on the doors to Moria. Gossamer threads that tell the tale of a slugs journey.

How many times have I felt like that slug? Get up, trudge along, no body cares, no body cares. I do what I do, same as you, and we'll do the same tomorrow. No one's standing there cheering us forward. No one may even be aware of where we're going. Many times WE don't know where we're headed.

Still we move, still we crawl, towards a destination we may only dream of. Giant obstacles block our path and we find we can glide over them. We are an ever moving, constantly progressing force. We feel as if we're making no progress; we feels as if we don't matter.

But there, behind us, trekking backward the journey we're on, are silver linings. They glimmer and glisten in the sunlight and mirror our footsteps in the moon. Wherever we go we leave an impression and it shines a light for anyone who may follow.

Someone does care. You DO matter, and so does your destination. Just keep moving forward :)


A big thank you to everyone these past two weeks. I appreciate your comments and the conversations. We've had a bit of a crisis at work (nothing catastrophic) and hours have been shifted, expanded, and scattered. Hopefully by next week things will be settled down and I'll be back on a regular basis. Whew!

In other news, I've been reading like a mad woman! That's got to account for something, right?

Hope your week has been less bumpy and a bit more predictable than mine! Here's to smoother sailing after tomorrow. Cheers!


  1. I've never thought of a slug in such a beautiful and compelling way before now. Good stuff! And yes, YOU matter. :)

  2. Jen: Anyone who can write so eloquently about slugs can write about anything well!

    We lived in the Pacific NW for many years and slugs/slug trails were a common site. I wonder how far a slug travels during its life time?

  3. Isn't it odd the things that spark our imagination and make us see the world in just a slightly different way. I never gave much thought to a slug and their path until this post. Mostly I felt grossed out. Ick. Slimy.

    But, they do persevere. And so do we. And sometimes it feels like we are going nowhere and no one cares. But still we go on. And it is only later that we see the glory in the fact that we just kept moving when all we wanted to do was Stop.

  4. Now that is a positive outlook!
    And we can slime those who come against us. 'He slimed me.'

  5. That was beautiful! Thank you for such a wonderful thought.

    I sure hope things slow down for you at work. Here, have some virtual cheese to keep you chugging until then.

  6. Jon: Thanks! You matter too. Glad I could make you think of slugs in a different way :)

    Dean: Thank you. And thanks for the share on Facebook! Hmm, that is a thought to consider. Do they have a way to track slithers? Perhaps they DO teleport and the slugs you see are the slugs I see...

    Robin: Indeed. Perseverance is the key to success of any kind. Failure isn't failure unless it makes you stop progressing.

    Alex: Haha! Indeed! I always did like Slimer. Perhaps I could enlist his help at work...

    Crystal: Cheese, virtual or otherwise, always makes things better. Thanks for that!

  7. Thanks for the comment on my page. I don't hurt today, just moving a little slow myself. But I've got my prep list done, and soon I'll put on my magic sneakers, which makes all the chores magically get done.

    I dunno how, but it works.

    Cheers to you. Hope you have a kickin' good weekend.

  8. Thank you for stopping by the Thursday post. It isn't usually all clips from one place. That was a huge divergence for me.

    In fact, I almost posted one for you from this post, but it was already SO LONG and it felt a bit like a stretch.

    This clip is the end of the pilot episode. God first approaches Joan in the beginning (that was tough for her to swallow), her brother was resisting moving forward with his life since the accident, and her father as Police Chief was investigating a serial killer. Yeah, lots going on. God told Joan he'd be giving her tasks, errands, assignments in the coming days. The first was to get a job at a local bookstore (the sooner, the better) and she resisted, but finally caved in. And this is what happens. It an illustration of how moving forward feels random (like you aren't actually going anywhere or achieving anything) until it is all in your rear view and you understand that ONE event (like working at a bookstore) leads to the positive resolution of other things. Like those shimmery strands left by the slug.

  9. I love the visual you create. I was feeling a bit like that slug. Maybe my silver trail sparkles for others.
    Play off the Page

  10. You know, slugs have always grossed me out. Even the thought of them can make me shudder. But you described them so beautifully here, and with such compassion, that I couldn't help but think about them differently. Really lovely writing here today :)


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