Friday, June 27, 2014

fabulous, fantastic friday!

What better day to seek out the fabulous? Search for the fantastic! Ah, Friday, even if you work weekends there is something freeing about this day of the week.

read * relish * enjoy!


Cocktails are always a great way to kick off any happy occasion! What could be better for a sultry summer night than a fruity Sangria? Mmmm... This recipe is super easy and sounds refreshing! Topping things off is a generous handful of mint. Fresh, fruity and oh so gorgeous.  Cheers!

Math has never been my strongest subject but that doesn't prevent me from admiring complex equations and the people who understand them. If someone can turn one of those complex equations into beautiful works of art - even better! Art I get; the idea of math equations as architectural forms? Mind blowing and beautiful!

Ok, we've got cocktails and crazy art to contemplate. What next? Oh, I know! Let's sip Sangria while cruising up the coast in our boat! Sail away with me as I daydream myself back to Savannah. And it doesn't hurt to be prepared for a long day out on the water. Sunburn is no fun...not even with fruity wine!


Happy weekend everyone! Do you have any plans? Feel like mixing up some cocktails? How about a visit to an art museum? Maybe you're one of those lucky ones with a boat. If so, do you have room for one more? 



  1. Happy Weekend!

    No big plans. Waiting for hubby to get home from business trip. Four Apple Cinnamon Hand-Pies, baking as I read blogs.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.

  2. Just chilling out and reading, probably. Maybe some writing too.


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