Monday, June 2, 2014

Repurposed Driven Life

Confession: I love junk! My husband does too, which accounts for why over half of what we own came from either someones house or rubbish pile. I am unashamed to take someones trash and turn it into treasure.

In THIS POST I wrote about tables and ladders that left ditches and back alleys to come home with us and be reborn. Our most recent acquisition has been a stack of old, wooden wine crates. Lovely, dusty, filthy wooden wine crates with the labels in tact and little wooden dividers where the bottles carefully sat. They sat on the front porch forEVER! We just didn't know what to do with them.

Ideas were bandied about: shelves! Wall art! Shadow boxes! Wine crates! (That last one wasn't exactly the most inspired). Finally, last week, I tired of them greeting me at the front door so I carried them to the back porch where they sat for another week.

Until we could fill them with dirt and flowers and turn them into THESE:

Yes the soil is oozing out the bottoms. Yes it is also cascading past the shards of pottery I tucked into the hand openings. But dirt they hold and the plants shall stay. Seeing as they're wood they will more than likely deteriorate over time in the the elements, but therein lies the beauty. What could have hung out in a landfill for who knows how long now gets to finish out its days as a flower box. If all goes well, and the rain and wind take them, they'll go back to the dirt.

Ah, the great Circle of Life...

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  1. Woohoo to turning junk into something wonderful. Good on you.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.


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