Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday

The beach was delicious.

A storm was coming in from the North and we had little time to linger but oh the salt spray! We walked and let the waves lick our toes and pepper our legs with salt.

There was the smell of rain and in the distance we could see lines falling from clouds that signaled we'd better seek shelter soon or we'd ride home drenched. None of us minded the thought; water is rejuvenating, especially by the sea.

A barge sallied from the mouth of the river, a giants hand holding tractor trailers that looked like Tonka toys in its grasp. The tug boat chaperon followed at a distance to make certain all was well.

If I could I'd become one with the sea, let it's particles invade my veins and allow my eternal wandering on the edge of land. I'm fascinated with edges and the sea has always called. I wonder if my ancestors called the sea home?


Thank you ALL for your kind comments on my previous three posts. I've gone back and responded to your words. Sorry it took so long but being away for a weekend also requires preparation for said weekend and I've been a bit AWOL from blogging because of it. I had a request for more essays and the idea elated me. I plan to change up my posting routine in the next few weeks in order to accommodate more essays and thoughts. Have a beautiful day everyone!


  1. Gorgeous description of standing on the edge of the sea. I've often felt that what we are drawn to comes from a deep, ancestral longing.

  2. Beautiful.
    I was there with you... in the moment... I could smell the sea, feel the water around my ankles, the sand between my toes...

  3. Yes, you definitely captured the experience and in so few words.

  4. That picture is so beautiful, as is your description. I've always felt drawn to the sea, too, and always wondered why. I don't have an answer - but I do wonder what's in my gene pool :)

  5. I'm sure your ancestors "are of the sea." And if I'm wrong, who cares. You find your home there (as do I) and that is the important thing. Your "edges" fascination is interesting. Edges mean beginning or end, either one stretching to or from infinity.

  6. Mary: Thank you! I wonder about that often. Where do our deepest longings come from? Perhaps I should delve deeper into that. There could be something there :)

    Michelle: Thank you! Oh how I long to feel the sand between my toes on a daily basis!

    Alex: Thank you! Year ago I would have never believed I could convey a thought in so few words. I lean to the verbose...

    Liz: Thank you! I don't think we'll ever have a definitive answer for why we long for what we do but it's fun to speculate!

    Dean: That's right! Who cares? Home is where your passion is! And yes, I've always wondered why I find the "edges" of life so fascinating. Perhaps because I'm a sucker for new beginnings! Cheers!


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