Thursday, July 17, 2014

catching up

Has it really been a week? How have you been?

I have been busy. I've got a couple of projects in the works and they are taking up all my spare time. My stories? Well, they're sitting by patiently. Not complaining (too much). In fact, it seems I get more inspiration for those stories when I'm NOT working on them.

Go figure...

...crabby muse...

The good news is that I feel creative again. Huzzah! *confetti* It's been a long time since I did some creative work with my hands. Writing is creative; it's brain creative. And believe me, if I didn't get all those ideas out, my head would explode! However, my hands start itching when they've been away from ink and paper too long. I've been rooting around in my craft supplies, weeding out what needs to be cast aside, rethinking those things I no longer care about. It's been a lesson in perspective. Things take on whatever aspect you want them too when you reconsider what they can be.

The  challenge is to stay organized and when I say organized I mean "actually doing what I've re-planned for said objects".  Aye, there's the rub.

It hasn't been too bad this time. I've been slower, more considerate of my body and its annoying habits of fatigue and aches and pain. And, lo!, I have created and shifted and merged with some new visions. For art and for writing. Funny how that happens. When you allow yourself to breathe, in the way that YOU need to breathe, magic happens.

To quote Paulo Coelho in The Alchemist: "And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it." Of course there's a lot more too it than that. I want a 1976 Land Rover Defender D110 but that doesn't mean I click my heels together three times and POOF! it's in my drive way. I remember the first time I read The Alchemist. That quote mulled in my brain for weeks. The meaning (for me any rate) came to me in a flash of knowing. It's not that you WANT something that makes things start swirling in an order that seems like a magical intervention; it's the fact that you want it so badly, you begin WORKING for it, hard. You begin focusing your energy and your time and your effort, your talent and intellect towards it. All this hard work (yes I said HARD WORK) causes doors to open, windows to shatter, and serendipitys to happen. It's not magic, friends. It's good, old fashioned work and faith.

And hope. There's always hope ;)

Have a marvelous week! Looks like I'm down to posting on Thursdays for now. Summer is always a crazy time for online visits! I promise to stop by when I can. Enjoy your week and the rest of July!


PS: Just in case you've never witnessed the glory that is the aforementioned Land Rover, behold:

image found HERE


  1. You'd be all set for an African safari!
    Yeah. a Musicman guitar hasn't appeared in my collection yet, so there is obviously more to it than that.
    Glad you've inspired yourself creatively.

  2. So happy your creativity is flowing, Jen. And I love what you wrote here about wanting and not expecting it magically to appear. That's an important lesson.

  3. Sounds like you are getting back on track. I love it when the creativity flows:)

  4. I appreciate you merging the concepts of faith and hard work!! Often times one of those two is neglected in favor of the other. Great blog....inspires me to get more focused. ...and the Land Rover is awesome!!!! -David

  5. Alex: Indeed. Or driving through Atlanta traffic!

    Karen: Thanks. I think a lot of people expect things to just "happen" because they want it. But it takes so much more than wishing. It takes good old fashioned hard work :)

    Robin: I am. Slowly but surely :D

    David: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it and I'm glad you were able to comment this time :D

  6. The Universe is always ready to "allow" you that which you desire. But we must open ourselves and allow the universe to grant our wish. Often we get in our way...looks like you are letting that happen!

  7. Dean: I agree. If we never open up to the wonder that is inside us and that is available to us, we'll never be where we need to be when wonder is ready to happen FOR us :)


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