Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Magpie Tales 230 (and the once a week blog)

Hello! It looks as if this blog has turned into a once a week project. No harm in that. Sorry if it seems I've been a bit AWOL in the blogsphere. I have! But, it's summer and that's as good an excuse as any :)

Here's my contribution to Magpie Tales for this week. If you don't know about Magpie Tales or if you'd like a bit more info regarding this lovely little bloghop started and hosted by Tess Kincaid, click HERE. Now: on with the show!


She gazed with shadowed eyes. The crowd shuffled past, murmuring, gawking. At the front of the pack, she looked up in wonder. Was that really how she looked? Was that really how they saw her?

Centuries ago she was a queen but now she was just another of the masses that woke, ate, slept, and wondered, wondered at what they could be. What they might have been.

The difference was that she knew. She knew the other side. She knew what it was like to have the world at her fingertips. What it was like to command armies. What it was like to share the bed of the king.

Cruel twist of fate or lesson plan of the gods? She may never know. Tomorrow she would don a suit and go to a high-rise of glass and steel, a somewhat familiar structure in an all too unfamiliar time. She would empower a board room full of people and go home to an empty house. An empty bed.

But for now she would marvel at the bust of herself, of what she once was. With a knowing smile she eavesdropped as the two school girls whispered, "Do you think she was really the most beautiful woman in the world?"

Yes, she thought. Yes I was. And I still am, even if no one knows it but me.


Sometimes I wonder what people would think if they could come back and view themselves through the eyes of modern man. Would they agree with the pedestals, the velvet ropes, the guards who shoo away those of us who want to peer "just a little closer" at a work of art centuries old? Or would they laugh at the portrayal of themselves, hang their heads in shame, or shake them in wistful longing wishing they could go back and do it over again.

Happy Wednesday! Enjoy your week.

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  1. That was creative, Jen! And I don't think I have to worry about coming back years from now and seeing anything like that.


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