Monday, July 21, 2014

monday musings

There are stories in you.

Good stories. Great stories. Fun stories. Stories you wouldn't want your dog to read.

They are there waiting for us to flesh them out. Yes, even the bad ones. Even the ones that your grandmother would shun and would make your therapist blush. Even the ones that will make your mother weep and your father roll his eyes and bemoan (again) the fact you never went to law school. Even the ones that make you believe again in magic. The ones that make you laugh, make your friends cheer and your boss giggle behind his hand.

Oddly enough, those stories that we WANT to write are disguised as daydreams, as lost causes, as something you dreamed up over cocktails on Thursday night. They stick with you and turn into the alter egos you use to create scenarios that would never happen in real life but, if they did, you'd be ready for them. In the guise of these characters you challenge the word: convention, "what should have been", reality. We enjoy a moment of "zoning out" with them and then we must return to "real work".

But what if those characters were the bones of something good? I mean, really good? Something that we've over looked so long because their story is so familiar. It's worth a shot, isn't it, to scribble a bit on their behalf, all these personalities you've so enjoyed putting into awkward situations just to see how they'd handle them on your behalf?

Give them a second glance. Give them a few moments of a lunch break or late night pizza run. Come on. They've given you hours of private entertainment. If they're that enjoyable, shouldn't you share them with the rest of the world? They may surprise you. They be exactly what you've needed. They may be exactly what you've been waiting for.

Go forth and make happen,


  1. They certainly deserve some pizza, don't they?

  2. Love it and love the pics you have been posting! #inspiring

  3. And no one else can tell them in the same way...

  4. So, my mind wander right off into stories that I want to write, conversations that I will have, and combining all those great gifts. Thanks for your words of inspiration. I also read your Catching up post. I, too, am distracted by the fun and the busy of summer. We need that, too, especially with good friends and family.

  5. Stories should be shared! (and pizza should be eaten..hehe)

  6. ... this is why I LOVE your writing!
    You have such a distinct voice!


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