Monday, July 7, 2014

Mood Board Monday

This is my mood board.

It's got a bit of this, a little of that, all manner of bits and bobs. Kind of like my brain.

I enjoy looking at pretty things: scenery, pattern, lovely occasions. I collect dishes and fabric; I dream of owning an old Land Cruiser.

Sometimes my characters pop up in the collages I make. Most times, they are simply reflections of the things that interest me. The things I love.

This weekend I was walking through a book store when - WHAM! - a word came to me and it brought a new perspective to an old story idea. I actually read a book title wrong and, through that, uncovered the main theme of my own story.

That word is not on this mood board BUT it will be on the one I create for the particular character it conjures. The idea of creating mood boards for my stories and characters excites me. We keep our characters internalized until we put them on paper or screen. Then it's not until someone else reads our words that our characters have a chance to live in someone else's reality. But what if I could draw them out into the open, see them, or some aspect of them, while I'm writing?

The possibilities are endless! I also collect magazines and I'm (slightly) addicted to Pinterest. The danger here is that I enjoy creating mood boards so much that I have a room full of really fancy wallpaper and not a page written. But that's the risk I take indulging in my love affair of pretty pictures and woolgathering.

I'll set a timer. I promise ;)

Have you ever created a mood board or a collage for a character or story? Would you try? Are you, Pinterest, and a rainy afternoon a dangerous combination? I'm thinking of starting a Pinterest-Lovers-Anonymous. Care to join?

Happy Monday,


  1. I have not done this, but it's such a wonderful idea. And I am not on Pinterest. Facebook is enough of a time suck for me. I don't even do Twitter.

  2. I'm not on Pinterest (gasp). I have only found myself there when looking for an image or a quote. I'm sure it's a virtual playground. I would love to do a mood board. I loved making collages when I was a kid. I base most of my characters on real people, or combos of people, and when I write plays, I picture people I know who would play the parts.

  3. I have not tried this, but I can see that it would be helpful if a character remains or elusive OR when a story idea is just beginning to bloom. I will definitely keep it in mind!

    No Pininterest for me.

  4. Sounds like a fun way to explore your characters. :-)

  5. Funny you read a book title wrong but it helped with a character.
    Never created anything visual for my stories.

  6. I've asked my characters questions and wrote down responses, along with their quirks, things I (and they) like about themselves, but never visualized them on paper.

    Sometimes when I'm asked for my name at a coffee store (or similar) I'll use the name of one of my characters whose mood I fit the most at that time.

  7. Like your idea of a mood board.
    Yes I do something like it.
    I have an ideas page and jot down a few ideas and after a while link them all up and then a bigger picture emerges and I can start a story or a poem and the words then start flowing.
    Doesn't always happen but nice when it does.
    Are you not doing Magpie Tales? ~ Eddie

  8. Mood board? What a wonderful idea? I've never tried something like this before.
    I really need to consider this. You've got me thinking now...
    It's a refreshing perspective.

  9. Karen: Thanks! And yes, Pinterest is a huge time-suck! I have to put a time limit on myself.

    Mary: It is a playground but it can be dangerous. There's so much to look at! There's a little bit of people I know in my characters, too. Probably a lot of me in all of my characters...more than I'd care to admit!

    Robin: If Pinterest holds no interest for you, steer clear! I have to seriously fast from that site for weeks at a time. There's just too much shiny :)

    Misha: It is fun! It's nice to "see" my characters in the flesh and really get a feel for them.

    Alex: Yes, it was funny but oh so necessary. I'm still rolling it over in my mind!

    Dean: That's a fun idea! I've heard of people giving fictional character names at Starbucks and getting pretty hilarious responses! Once I read that a guy gave the name "Voldemort" at Starbucks and when the barista went to call his name he paused and then said, "He Who Must Not Be Named". I thought that was pretty fun!

    Eddie: I've often thought of starting a journal for my books, asking characters questions and "interviewing" them but I have yet to do that. I think the mood board idea is a bit better for me. I'm such a visual person. Hoping to see you at Magpie Tales again soon!

    Michelle: Thanks! It's fun. I usually start putting a collage together and then think of the story it should go with. Or I just do one because it's fun and then "see" my story evolving in it!


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