Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Musings

What is it about going out of town that makes life so busy? It's a good busy: cleaning out the house, cleaning up the yard so it doesn't look like we've died, making sure we have enough sunscreen. Thankfully, my work scheduled shifted and I don't go back in until Wednesday. That means I've had a solid week to get things in order before we go on vacation. Woohoo!

In other news, I've been editing a brochure for said work place, reading a first novel for a high school student (who is VERY talented might I add) and putting some finishing touches on some personal projects that shall grab me by the wrist and drag me along (whether I'm ready or not) come the first of September. All in all, it's been a bright, shiny week and it's only going to get better!

I got to meet the first of two new babies this past weekend. Two friends had back-to-back babies and I get to meet the second new arrival tomorrow. Talk about lucky! I get a cuddle fest times TWO! Auntie Jen is more than excited :D Heck, with eight nieces and nephews, what's two more "friend babies"? Seriously...oh, and we've more than enough of those as well!!

Speaking of making your yard look like you haven't died, have you ever cleaned out a mint patch where the mint was several feet tall? Seriously, I cut down Hobbit-sized mint yesterday! That is not counting the tendrils that are creeping along the back patio. When they say mint takes over, they mean it! But it's a good take over-very fragrant and oh so convenient when you're craving a mint julep :)

Some of you may have seen my Facebook post about finding a snake in the house last week. Well, yesterday Colby (the fierce beast that he is) cornered and ripped the tail off a lizard in the living room! Geez...when did suburbia become Wild Kingdom? After releasing him back into the overgrown yard, I informed all other reptiles that I appreciate their bug-eating abilities but to please limit it to the OUTside!

That's about it for today! A jumbled mess of a post for sure, but a lot has been going on! I may not have a post next Monday. We'll be out of town for a joyous FULL WEEK!! First time in twelve years for me! But, if you are on The InstaFace, I'm sure you'll see ridiculous amounts of food pictures, beach photos and random shots of me frolicking in my natural habitat: SAVANNAH, GA!

Happy trails!


  1. Sounds like a great week! Have a super, awesome, well-deserved vacation! Looking forward to your pics....

  2. Enjoy your vacation, sounds wonderful! Keep the reptilian at bay. Yikes! And, the mint. No, I've never had it in the yard, much less growing over my head. Have a great week, or two!

  3. Poor lizard.
    So much to do before a vacation and so much to do when you return. Just remember to have fun and relax during the vacation!

  4. Ewww, snake? What kind? Have a great vacation, Jen

  5. How awesome to work with a talented young writer. Good for you for helping out. Enjoy the vacation.

  6. Hope you're having fun Jen!
    "...I informed all other reptiles that I appreciate their bug-eating abilities but to please limit it to the OUTside!" LOL
    Another example of your wonderful writerly voice!

  7. I'm taking a vacation in a couple of weeks and I'm VERY excited. Definitely in need of a vacation at this point.

  8. Hooray for vacation!! You're so right; going away seems to multiply the work we have to do at home, both before and after - but it's well worth it. I hope you had a wonderful, restful, beautiful time!


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