Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Insecure Writer's Support Group - September

Welcome! Once more, we're gathering throughout the blog-verse to hoist our colors of insecurity and sail the wild seas of the writing life. Thankfully, we have each other, other ships that sail with us, encourage us and help us stay afloat!

Thanks to Alex Cavanaugh who had the courage to set up this fabulous island of hope and to the entire crew of the Insecure Writer's Support Group website.

Insecurities? Yeah. I've got 'em.

What is it about the potential to see a dream come true - a long awaited dream - that freaks some of us out and makes us wonder what the h#!! were we thinking when we took that gigantic step into unfamiliar waters? I'm there. I'm drifting in the realm of waiting. No, it's not a book deal or publishing contract but it IS something that induces insecurity that I can relate to writing.

In order to succeed at anything we have to take risks. We HAVE to put ourselves in uncomfortable situations. Without risk we grow stagnate. Without growth we die. Stagnation does mean security (in a way); it can mean that we are "safe" and "comfortable" and "well taken care of".

But... can also mean that we are bored.




Sometimes these steps aren't all that big. We see something, shrug one shoulder and say, "Sure, why not." And we step through the door, purchase a ticket, shake a hand, agree to meet for coffee. Suddenly, "Hi how are you" becomes a whole lot more. That door you thought opened to a suggestion is now the portal to another life. It's crazy, it's strange, it's down right panic inducing. And it gives you a choice: you either keep saying yes or you say no and the door shuts and you're left alone, again, in the dark.

What do you do? Be it writing, moving away from the familiar, taking on a new job, going back to school or anything worth taking a risk, what DO you DO? Do you say yes and ride the wild waves to freedom? Or do you say no, maybe, not now and risk having that door locked forever?

Either way is a risk. Perhaps we just have to ask ourselves which is more frightening? The new and unexplored or the eternal mundane?

Be BOLD, dear friends. Write on!

PS: I'll be making my IWSG rounds tomorrow and Friday. Working on Wednesdays makes it a bit difficult to keep up with all the posts on the day they are posted. But I promise I'll return the visit! Cheers :)


  1. Sure, why not? Those words started my whole author career.

  2. As frightening as it is - I vote yes! (who can resist the opportunity to feel that exhiliration as you ride those wild waves...?)
    Happy IWSG Day, Jen!

  3. I wrote about going to school, too! We can always learn more about our craft or the subject of our stories. Take risks? Ok. Pinky swear, we'll both try something new.
    Play off the Page

  4. throughout my life I've made choices so that more doors would open instead of close, so... :-) great post, thanks for the inspiration!

  5. This was a fantastic post for me to read. Thank you! I needed that pep talk. (as if you wrote this just for me, ha!)

    Stagnation is something I keep very aware of in my life. I know things won't pull together and gel correctly if I'm stagnant.
    Such a great reminder :)


  6. Great post! "Why not?" is what I said before self-publishing my out-of-print book. What did I have to lose? Nothing. That took my career in a different direction. I don't regret it one bit.

  7. There are times when I say yes and times when my answer is in the negative. I guess it's different each time. But the goal to write, work, etc. would always be burning in our hearts.

  8. Loved this. It's a reminder to keep taking risks too. Sometimes we take the first risk and then get insecure. We've got to keep picking ourselves up and stepping through those doors.

    Here's the link to my IWSG post for easy access when you've got the time. Naked with a Spider

  9. Have to try many new thinks and say yes every now and again, but some mundane is good.

  10. Sometimes we fear the potential success more than the expected "non-success." (Whatever that may be.) Each step in the writing process is a risk. Some become easier to overcome, some haunt us every step of the way.

    But these things remind us we are alive and moving forward. Let our stepping stones be built upon our past fears and use them to raise us higher.

  11. I try to accept opportunities that come my way (when I'm interested), no matter how much they scare me. I'd rather take that step than regret having said no.

  12. Fear of the unknown used to rule my life, and one day, I decided enough was enough. Saying that, I still have to count down from 5 before sending out a submission, or opening a repsonse from one! Still, in 3 weeks I'm moving 200 miles from the place I've always lived to somewhere I have no family and no job. Fortune favours the brave, right?!


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