Monday, September 22, 2014

Letting Go

Moving sales are different from yard sales. I never really knew that. Sure, you read the sign "Moving Sale" and think, "Oh, someone's moving and selling all their cool stuff!" That's great - until it's YOUR cool stuff sitting in boxes and bins and being rummaged through.

So many awesome, amazing people stopped by this weekend and gave great homes to favorite things. Others are adopting furniture this week that I honestly hate to see go. Every time I've sold stuff in the past, it's been the junk. You know, the stuff you don't want anymore and don't mind sending to a new home for a few pennies. This time I was waving goodbye to old friends as they carried away possessions I'd had for years.

It's good to know one of my paintings will grace the wall of a friend's newly renovated house. It's comforting to know the cedar chest I've had for 20 years is now holding toys and games for a friend's two daughters. Decor and figurines and books - all have scampered away into the arms of new parents. The books - oh it was like selling children!


... I feel a certain sense of freedom. Stuff can tie us down whether we intend for it to or not. I didn't realize how much we've accumulated over the years and I certainly didn't realize just how hard it was to let things go out of necessity. The house we're moving into is only 700 square feet. That's half of what we live in now. Most people our age are upgrading to newer houses, larger houses, houses they actually own. We're downsizing to an older house ("vintage") and still renting.

And yet...I'm seeing a dream come true before my very eyes. Lesson learned: keep saying yes, and keep waking through those open doors until they stop opening. You just never ever know where they will lead. And, trust me: you WILL have to let go of the old in order to make room for the new. Pruning of possessions. It's painful but liberating.

What have you had to let go of recently? Ever had a moving sale and watched things you didn't want to lose go away? What about downsizing? Thoughts? Have a great week! I'm off to Google ways to hang shelves without putting holes in cinder block walls!



  1. I have let go of all of my possessions twice in my life and it is so freeing. I've learned not to be attached to "things" so much. With people, though, it's much harder.

  2. Awesome! I like letting go of stuff. It's all just junk and you can't take it with you anyway.

  3. When we moved from our McDonough house, I had to go through a bedroom that I lived in from ages 10 to 21. That was hard. But, there was only so much I could keep.

    You're right, sometimes you do accumulate almost too much without realizing it. I had so much that I had to throw out or give away. It was strange, because even if none of it was stuff that I had even used in years, it was still my stuff. I got used to having it in my closet or just sitting around my room, then suddenly, it wasn't going to be there anymore. It was rough.

    I was a big baby and ended up crying on the way back to school when it hit me that, not only would I not be living there anymore, but my some of my precious possessions wouldn't be with me.

    It's hard to let go of your childhood when you still feel like a child yourself.

  4. Yeppers, I agree. Gotta let go to let knew stuff in and all that. And good on you for doing it. Here's to your next chapter.

  5. It sounds like this is a move that you really want. Unburden yourself. Let go, and leap!
    Excited for you!

  6. It sounds like this is a move that you really want. Unburden yourself. Let go, and leap!
    Excited for you!

  7. Remember: it's all just "stuff." The important things go with you in your heart and in your life.

    Safe travels and enjoy each moment. Your aren't only making memories, you are making life!

  8. Yes! Just had my first garage sale and blogged about it here.
    Quite an experience. All the rush of emotions getting rid of some things that helped in creating so many memories. You really have to experience the prep and grind of one to relate!

  9. Hi Jen! Back again to award you the Versatile Blogger classification. Congrats and enjoy passing on the admiration.

  10. I'm not a hoarder, so moving doesn't worry me. Love getting rid of stuff not just the junk. All the best for your downsizing.

  11. Never really thought about a difference between a moving sale and just a run-of-the-mill yard sale, but I see what you're saying. I've been writing about downsizing for a few years now. I am following through, but rather slowly. For me it's been a combination of selling what I can to recoup some of my losses and donating the rest and getting a tax deduction for doing so.

    Downsizing is good, but I don't want to regret having got rid of something I might wish hadn't.

    Good luck with your efforts.

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