Monday, September 8, 2014

The Bold and the Beautiful

I could write something here about coffee. Or really strong black tea. As much as I LOVE both of those beverages, I'm thinking more about bold moves in regards to chasing one's dreams.

"Fortune favors the bold" is attributed to Oscar Wilde. Wilde was known for being flamboyant, over the top, larger than life and a bit too bold for late Victorian sensibilities. I've always thought he was fantastic. Come on, anyone who would write "The Importance of Being Ernest" is someone I'd love to have tea and a chat with!

What do you think Wilde meant by this little quip? Assuming he said it, I like to think he was referring to those of us to step out of our comfort zone and go after those things which we know we are destined for. Another favorite quote of mine was recently spotted on a mug in a Books-A-Million. "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." Frightening words but true.

What's your comfort zone? Is it a physical location, one you've been long hovering in, knowing you need to step out and move on? Or is it a writing style, a particular genre you just KNOW you could never in a million years leave? Maybe it's a group of people who, though they drag you down and never encourage you to go after your goals, are long time friends, those who may not support change but will be there with you as long as you stay put.

I know I'm waxing a bit deep this Monday. I've had a lot happen in the past two weeks. Good things. Scary things. Things I'm not quite yet ready to talk about in the bog-verse. Very bold things, one of which I should get some news back on this afternoon, just as soon as a friend calls back. Argh! Waiting for opportunities to come about is one thing; waiting for news about those opportunities is an entirely different sort of anxiety! If you could spare some positive thoughts this way, friends, I'd appreciate it! Right now, I'm one big jumble of nerves!

Are YOU doing anything BOLD and DARING? What's the SCARIEST thing you've ever done? Any of you AWAITING news that could CHANGE EVERYTHING? Pour another strong cuppa; it's going to be a crazy ride! Oh, and I promise not to leave you hanging forever. Just as soon as I can, I shall divulge all :D

PS: I'm reading some absolutely lovely tributes to Tina Downey. I regret that I didn't know Tina well; She occasionally popped up in my readings and was ALWAYS cheerful. She was, from what I'm reading, a force of nature, a positive powerhouse, and an ardent supporter of all things awesome. You can check out everyone participating in the Tribute and find out more at the A-Z Challenge site.


  1. I'm not a life on the edge kind of guy, but I've learned to adapt. Scariest thing? Entering the online world so I could promote my book.

  2. Nothing much scares me at my sea, one thing fails, go try something else. But yeah waiting is sure a pain in the butt

  3. Lots to think about here. Looking forward to your news :)

  4. HI, Jen,

    We seem to be traveling the same road.. Waiting... always waiting.

    BUT in your case the wait may be over and the exciting change will take form!

    SENDING SO MANY positive vibes and cyber hugs!

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  6. Bold and daring? That's continuously submitting to publishers and hoping one of my manuscripts get accepted.

    Oh, one more thing. I nominated you for "The Versatile Blogger Award". Here's the post for that: Versatile Blogger Award: Delighted to Receive it!

  7. Just taking that first step can change your path in life and make for a better journey.

    My biggest fear is publishing my self-help book. Scary to put myself out there. Ahhh! But, I have time. It's not finished yet ;)

  8. Boldest thing? Proposing to my wife 28 years ago. Scariest thing? Waiting for her answer! (LOL)

    Actually scariest thing was my first night of open mic stand up comedy. One of the coolest things I've done.

    Waiting on news on a couple of writing fronts. Could be good, could be great, always an adventure!

  9. I'm sending tons of positive thoughts your way!!!

    This is a lovely post, and I agree on the sentiment. I think another way of looking it at is that we have to change in order to grow, and we have to grow in order to succeed. Change IS bold; it's frightening; it's harder than we imagine. But oh, is it worth it...

  10. Jen, you've given us lots to think about... and I always say that change is important for growth...
    Dare to be bold... beauty is the companion walking alongside!

  11. I didn't really know Tina, either. I am impressed with the outpouring of love in the blogosphere for her and all the sunflowers.
    That quote is for the bold who step out of their comfort zones. I'm starting up classes for kids in theatre. It's scary, but important. I hope it works out.


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