Tuesday, November 18, 2014

To be Read (TBR) Tuesday

Good morning!

Thank you to all the well wishes this past weekend. My husband and I both ended up with the same darn cold but all is back to normal at La Petite Maison. For a moment I thought about naming our tiny bungalow something austere and repulsively enormous. Like THE GRANDIOSE HOUSE OF CARRIAGE or THE BODACIOUS BUNGALOW BIG-TOP but in the end, Jon suggested we call it like it is: tiny house. Only in French because, let's face it, French makes everything sound better.

Here's a new, weekly feature for you, dear Readers: To be Read Tuesdays or TBR because it's easier to type and, let's face it, we all know what THOSE letters stand for :). Recently, I've developed quite the trigger finger whenever I waltz through a bookstore. Also recently, I find myself perusing the literature and fiction aisles. Not what I'm used to reading or exploring but I am finding some fantastic titles which I shall, in latter weeks, post here.

Today, I'm dreaming of vintage handkerchiefs:

Link to publisher's book page HERE (Thames and Hudson)

This isn't a joke. I have a passion for pattern and vintage handkerchiefs are treasure chests of pattern. I have a small collection (somewhere) that I hope to turn into a lovely curtain one day...you know, when I can finally move all my belongings to where I am.

Handkerchiefs make me think of a gentler time when ladies cared about manners and were well versed in the eloquent art of well placed sarcasm. The Brits do it best, especially in period pieces and cozy mystery novels. Ah to be able to dab my eyes with an elegant hankie all the while dealing vicious blows with nothing more than well placed wit and razor sharp vocabulary.

I found The Printed Square whilst perusing the art and design book section. The word "printed" leaped out and me and I had to see what it was about. The book is mostly pictures, gorgeous one page spreads of nothing more than well ironed lovely little hankies. Some are pristine while others, my favorites, have small tears or entire corners missing.

Where and by whom were they carried? How many tears did they dry, how much comfort did they bestow? One can only imagine.

I for one am thinking of starting a new collecting passion. There are so many antique, thrift and second hand stores in Savannah there's bound to be more hankies than I can shake a runny nose at. Considering I'm recovering from a cold, I'd say this is a hobby that's come about in the nick of time!

Tell me, what's on your TBR pile this week? Have you discovered anything new that you'd like to read? Any quirky collections? Any of grandma's old hankies lying about?

Happy Tuesday,


  1. I have a Kindle. I've never figured out how to "operate" it all that well. There are hundreds of books on that thing. The one I read: the one I click on while trying to move on to the next page of titles (usually). More often than not, I have no idea of the TITLE of what I am reading, because it wasn't what I was aiming for, but it is what I got. Hahahaha. It's like book roulette.

  2. Sorry about your cold.
    At least that collection won't take up a lot of space in your tiny abode.

  3. Hi Jen. What a lovely idea for the TBR. I agree, handkerchiefs are beautiful, but I'd hate to be washing them, lol! Oh, for a slower, gentler time when people had time to sit and stitch instead of heading off for the night shift, watching TV, writing!!...

    Love the handkerchief you displayed.

    Denise :)

  4. Robin: I tried reading on an e-reader and I didn't like it! Heck, I don't even like reading on Gutenberg! Ah well...I'm just too in love with paper I suppose. That stinks that you don't know the titles of the books you read BUT I do like the idea of Book Roulette!


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