Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Daily acts of gratefulness

I recently bought an absolutely gorgeous magazine called Flow. It's published in the Netherlands and - through the magic of random international magazine sections at one big-named bookstore chain - comes to me from a land far, far away.

Filled with little extras like origami papers and lovely app-only content it's one of a growing number of print publications that gives the reader lovely little things along with gorgeous photos and interesting stories.

(On a side note, pretty much all of the magazines I've found that are chock full of extras are from Europe. What does that tell you about the American print media mindset?)

One of these lovely extras was The Little Gratefulness Diary. It's a simple booklet that grants its owner space to record what they are thankful about for the next twenty-nine weeks.

Twenty-nine weeks will take me well into 2015. What say we conduct an experiment? What if I give this 'thankful everyday' a chance? See if mindful thanksgiving really does change how you think about life and those people and place and things (all the lovely nouns) around you.

Here's to being thankful every day.

Have YOU ever kept a gratefulness journal? If so, how did it CHANGE your way of thinking? What are YOU thankful for this holiday season?


PS: Thank you to ALL the amazing comments from the readers of my Insecure Writer's Support Group post. I appreciate every single one of them and, though I'm slow in making my reading rounds, I'll repay the kindness as soon as I can! <3


  1. Yes, I have kept a gratitude journal. It really helps keep my attitude where it should be. Have fun!

  2. I like the idea of a gratitude journal, though I must admit that my journal is filled more with random obsessions and rants about people who annoy me, like the guy who threw out his coffee on the sidewalk, except the coffee landed all over my jeans. I guess I'm thankful that I didn't respond with a karate kick (though I was tempted to), because that would probably not have ended well.


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