Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It's December and I'm Still Wearing Shorts...

Good morning!

Happy December? I trust November treated you well. Thanksgiving here was a quiet affair. Odd, really: it was just The Husband and me (and the cat but he slept the whole day so he doesn't count). It was the first Thanksgiving I've ever spent away from "home" - and by home I mean back in the metro-Atlanta area where my entire family lives.

It wasn't bad, though. We woke up late, watched the Macy's Parade (two versions of it) and the dog show. My dog never wins but there's always next year, right? Let's hear it for the Irish Wolfhound fans out there!

It was cold, however, and we walked in the park dressed in coats and boots. No, there wasn't snow or freezing rain, but for south Georgia, it was cold. Then we warmed ourselves by the fire (aka The Radiator) and ate a fine meal cooked by the two of us. First Thanksgiving in Savannah. Kind of cool, actually!

In other news, I failed EPICALLY at NaNo this year. 12,000 words. Yep. That's it. Congratulations to everyone who WON!! It's a huge accomplishment! I've won in years past and I know how much commitment and sacrifice goes into winning at a 50,000 words-in-a-month challenge. Treat yourselves! You deserve it.

Oh, and my computer died! Yep, five years and it finally gave up the ghost. Kaput. Gone. I haven't tried re-re-rebooting it. I'm kind of done with it. True, there is a file of pictures on there that never made it to Dropbox or my external hard drive. There are also three or four documents that weren't saved anywhere other than my desk top. But I'll be honest with you: I don't know what was in them. I know what stories they were, but I don't know what I wrote. Which tells me it wasn't that important.

Here's hoping.

Today we spent the afternoon at the beach. December 01 and we were walking around in the sand, getting our feet wet with freezing cold water, collecting shells and discussing what to do about a Christmas tree. Kind of crazy, really, when you think about it. I'm sure in ten years it will be commonplace but right now it's new. All new and exciting.

The tree was bought, my first ever artificial one. It's hobbit-sized and therefore named Frodo. Yes, we name our trees. Alphabetically. This year was "F", in case you were wondering :). And, thanks to a fabulous shop display downtown giving me the idea, we have a book village around said artificial hobbit-sized tree.


This is the old part of town. See the crumbling spines?

Here's the new part of town. And yes, those are Harry Potter books being used as decor!

The whole shebang! When you live in a Tiny House, your tree and stockings get displayed on the bar.

Not much else to report at the present. I do hope everyone in the States had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Get some rest you NaNos! And please bear with me as I replace my computer. My husband has been kind enough to let me use his epic monstrosity of a Mac. It's quite an adaption, being a PC gal, but I'll make do.

I will admit, it's nice to see my blog space in such hi-definition! Who knew a 24 inch screen could bring such delight?

Happy Tuesday!
~ Jen

P.S. TBR Tuesday will be back next week :) I thought the whole hobbit-tree-beach-going-in-December was enough for one post :P xo


  1. Jen, that is really creative. And rather cute.
    Will your tree next year be Gollum?
    If you don't remember those files, they probably weren't important though. Sorry about your computer though.

  2. Love the book town. What a great idea!
    Hope you get your files back if they are important!

  3. If you buy your computer from Best Buy they might be able to transfer the files on the hard drive on your old computer to your new one; that's what they did for my laptop. And I like your Christmas decorations, especially the stockings!

  4. Alex: Thanks! There's a shop in downtown Savannah that did a book village. I borrowed the idea from them! Hmmm, a Gollum tree? That's a fun idea!! We can top it with a big, gold ring!

    Mary: Thank you!! We enjoyed building it :) I'm sure the files are there...it's just a matter of getting them transferred!

    Neurotic: Thank you for the information! I've been looking at Best Buy and BH Photo/Video. Glad you like the stockings! They're simple but that's why they appeal to me!

  5. How fun and creative! You're 12K further in Nov. than I am...so don't beat yourself up on that one.


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