Thursday, January 22, 2015

A-Z Musings: It's Never too Early

Good morning!

Don't let the title fool you. You haven't missed anything. This is purely for my own mind-sorting.

If you don't know what the A-Z Challenge is, go HERE. Now. I'll wait...

Now then, you know that every April in blog world there's a mass frenzy of posting. Everyone who participates (and believe me it's a LOT) chooses a theme and posts on a different topic that corresponds to the letter of the day. We post Monday - Saturday taking a break only on Sunday (or playing catch-up. Not that I've EVER done that...*cough*...)

I didn't participate last year. Things were a bit crazy as I recall. But THIS year - I'm so excited! It's such a fun romp through the blog-verse AND you get to meet so many amazing people! It's a lot of work but it's also a LOT of fun!

I've been musing over what my theme should be since December. I want it to be something amazing and of course I want it to be wildly popular. Of course, I'll settle for something that's fun for me, interesting for you, and that can possibly help every writer in some way.

And that theme, Friends, has finally revealed itself.

Now, I'm not going to reveal it just yet. Oh no. We have a special day for that :). In fact, there's a whole Them Reveal Blog Hop in the month of March.

Did I mention we're all a bit crazy to do this?

I also mentioned how much fun it is, right?

So go on, click over to the A-Z website. Read a bit. And when the sign up page goes live, do yourself a favor: SIGN UP!

You'll be so glad that you did! It will definitely make you a better blogger, introduce you to some amazing people, and quite possibly help you become a better writer.

Ever onward,


  1. Glad you have your theme!
    You're right, it's insane, but a lot of fun. This will be my sixth one and I wouldn't miss it for anything.
    I have my theme, topics chosen, and am finishing my search for images. And yes, it's complicated - again! I'm a glutton for punishment.

  2. Ha! I think we all are...every year! But like you I wouldn't miss it (again) for the world. I missed it last year and felt empty! :)

    Sounds like you're moving along. I'm beginning my research soon and the images...well that's going to take some work!

  3. March! I've been wondering when the theme reveal was. I missed the actual reveal last year but I participated in the challenge. I don't think I'll miss it this year--I read too many blogs by fellow A to Z-ers!

    1. Hi Stephanie! It's easy to miss things with A-Z. There's so much that goes on! I'm looking forward to the reveal blog-hop. It's always fun to see what people have come up with.


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