Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Get Away

Get away from what you're used to.

Better yet, get away from what's become 'the norm'.

Let go of everything that's bogging you down: mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually.

Step back a moment to a place where you're safe.

Take a trip as close to home as you can get.

Let the familiar bathe you in rest and allow your mind to wander -

without obligation...

without deadline

The return refreshed and ready to attack!

There were a hundred things to do but now you're left with half.

Deep breath ---




This past weekend we went back to metro-Atlanta to visit with family and friends. We slept until 9:30 and ate bacon and cheese dip (not at the same time, but I will not judge you if you do!) I was afraid returning and seeing all my friends would make me realize that I'd made some tragic mistake moving away.

But it did the opposite!

I realize now that we are in the right place. We have such a HUGE support system back "home" and we are just now beginning to lay the foundations for one here, our new Home. I've excited to see where the year will take us. I've narrowed down some plans and even got my A-Z Challenge theme nailed down!

What about YOU? Did anything amazingly wonderful happen this weekend? Or did you finally get some much needed rest? Work out a difficult story line? Turn the mulch in the garden? Just curious...

Onward, Friends! Ever onward.


  1. Laying the foundation of support in your new home - that is a great attitude, Jen.
    I did a lot of reading this weekend.

    1. Thanks! I just know that the further along we go the better things are going to be. It's being in "the middle" that's rough.

  2. What you wrote here,Jen, really spoke to me today. So glad you are making your new home "home."

    1. Thanks Karen! I'm so glad you could find encouragement here.


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