Wednesday, January 7, 2015

IWSG January 2015

Welcome! Today is the FIRST Insecure Writer's Support Group post of 2015. Happy New Year! I trust you all had a wonderful holiday season. If this is your first time here or you aren't quite sure what the Insecure Writer's Support Group is, click over HERE and find out!


A little bit about me for those of you just joining this fantastic group: I'm a writer, a voracious reader, and an accomplished tea drinker. I've dabbled in many genres, earned a degree in Creative Writing, and recently upped stakes to pursue a dream of living by the sea. I have just recently found my niche in the writing world. Not counting the recipe for chocolate oatmeal cream pies in a cookbook five years ago, I am, so far, unpublished. That, however, is soon to change!


Insecurities loom at us any time of the year. They seem mammoth at the beginning. We have goals, dreams and visions. We wonder if we'll achieve them. Where will we be on December 31 2015? What if those goals fall short? Many times these fears prevent us from stepping out and moving forward. True, you may NOT achieve all your goals for this year. You may not reach your dream by New Year's Eve. BUT I'll tell you a secret: if you work REALLY HARD in pursuit of a goal, regardless of if it is successful in the way you hope, you WILL move forward. No experience is ever lost. The only way you won't move forward is if you stand still and refuse to try.

Four months ago my husband and I lived in a comfortable house in a comfortable small town. We had friends, we were connected and involved. We both had jobs that weren't remarkable but they were OK. No complaints really except we knew we weren't where we wanted (or needed) to be. Three months ago I said "YES" to a crazy idea and now we're in the city we know we belong in. We cut our living space in less than half. My husband has yet to find work. Aside from the fact my job ROCKS, this move has been NOTHING that we thought it would be.

But we did it and it's working.

We see the potential and we see our goals getting closer and closer, bit by tiny bit every single day.


Because we tied our insecurities to the bumper and drove 300 miles away.

They're still here, looming out of the corner, chiding us for leaving, berating us for loss and lack BUT we are 300 miles closer to our dreams.

AND THAT is worth all the security in the world.

I've been blogging since 2007. It's been an on again off again venture but I can't seem to quit. I am insecure every time I sit down and write a post. But I keep writing. I keep planning and I keep dreaming for my own little place in cyber-space. Why? Because if I stop dreaming or moving I'll die. Not physically, but creatively.

I like to think of this place as The Little Blog that Could. Things are in the works, friends, that I'm excited about and terrified of. Things that I cannot do on my own. HUGE dreams that need roots before I can give them wings. This little blog is about to pick up momentum. I'm scared. What if no one cares? What if no one reads it? Guess what? It doesn't matter.

What matters is I tell my insecurities to go jump in the ocean and that I write, and I write, and I write. I dream and I do and I work REALLY HARD and not say NO.

Because if I do that, I'll be somewhere pretty awesome at the end of this shiny new year.

Where exactly? I don't know yet. But that, dear friends, is half the adventure!

Happy New Year! Here's to big dreams, crazy goals, and far, far reaching vision.




  1. Hey, you've got at least one reader here!
    Your post really spoke to me because my fiance and I have been talking about moving and pursuing our dreams for such a long time now. It's great that you took the leap.

  2. Amen, Jen. I've ben with you since I started blogging, I think, and always enjoy the parts of your journey you share. Glad your move is working out so well.

  3. Wow. What courage! It's great that you followed your dream. Best wishes.

  4. Great advice. I love that goal of living near the sea. On my list, congrats on making it.
    Have a great 2015!

  5. Moving can lead to new adventures. I'm glad it was the right thing for you two to do. I flipped the other way and moved back to a small town after years of being gone. It's not at all like I remember, but that's another story. hehehe

    Here's my link if you'd like to drop by :-)

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette

  6. Great advice. Sometimes you have to take a risk and follow your gut. Good luck!
    Elizabeth Hein - Scribbling in the Storage Room

  7. Your positive attitude is jumping off the page! I feel inspired. Let those old insecurities bounce right off the bumper!
    Play off the Page

  8. Nice to meet you! Happy IWSG post day. :) Best of luck to you in your pursuit of publication!

  9. No experience is ever lost - that is an awesome message, Jen!

  10. "The only way you won't move forward is if you stand still and refuse to try."

    Oh, yes, THIS!!! What a great line of encouragement. :)

    I'm excited for the new year and what's ahead, and I will be dauntless in my pursuit of those dreams / goals.

    Thanks for the great post!

    Terri @ Scribbler’s Sojourn

  11. Hi, Jen,

    You have lots of readers! Keep going! I am so happy for you!

    When I first read about your move and following your dreams, I was in a sad state. No prospects on my condo sale, hating where I lived, feeling so TRAPPED. Your post lifted me. I knew that it WAS possible for dreams to move forward. Like yours.

    AND... thankfully it did! Not soon after, I had an offer on my condo. I MOVED within the same city, because I had obligations to finish. BUT my new digs are awesome. NOTHING like my condo. I have THE VIEW. The sun is shining through my ceiling to floor windows wrapping up in a warm hug. And even though it is 5 degrees outside... I am warm and toasty....

    I have yet to decide where to move next. I thought it was NYC... but my deal feel through there. So now I am back to thinking Atlanta, or maybe South Tampa. I need the warmth. But NYC is home and I need that too!

    I wish I could do both, but it doesn't look like that will happen. SO, now I plan to VISIT all the places I'd like to live and decide then. YAY... Next week I drive to Atlanta for four days. Then down to South Tampa for a week or so. THEN... OFF to NYC for the SCBWI conference. What a FUN whirlwind. BUT it is exciting and hopefully by the end of my crazy adventure I will have made my decision.... Life is full of surprises AND dreams. Why not go after all of them......

  12. "You will move forward"...isn't that the truth? So many feel down at the end of the year id they didn't fully complete their goals and I tell them that what they accomplished toward that goal is worth celebrating.

    Happy New Year!!

  13. What an adventure! I hope things only look up from here. To pursue your dreams is the surest way to achieve them, right?

  14. Stay strong, stay writing, stay clear of insecurities! Looking forward to your publishing debut.

  15. Excellent post! I really love the everything you do moves you forward- very true and just what I needed right now ;). Kudos on the move and following your dream!

  16. I couldn't agree more--life without adventure is no life at all.

  17. Congratulations on being brave enough to take action on making your dreams come true. You are so right, dreams are wonderful but it takes action to make them happen.
    Happy New year and Good Luck!

  18. Sarah: Thank you! Go for it! If there's even a glimmer that it could work out, go for it! You'll be glad that you did :)

    Karen: Yes you have and I thank you :) It's been a crazy, wild ride and it's just going to get crazier it seems...but in a good way! So glad to have you along!

    Diane: Thank you so much!

    Sydney: Thank you for visiting! Best of luck to you in 2015

    Anna: Thank you! Yes, it's working out but it's taking more 'work' than we thought :D I'll drop by soon!

    Elizabeth: Thank you! And thank for visiting :)

    Mary: Thank you! I needed that :D

    Candilynn: Thanks for stopping by! Happy to meet you as well :)

    Alex: Thank you! It's been a tough lesson to learn, but I'm at peace with it now.

    Terri: Thank you for the kind words and for stopping by! Best of luck to you in 2015!!

    Michael: You are such an encouragement! I was so happy to read about your new condo and I'm even happier to hear that you LOVE it!! That makes SUCH a huge difference. Best of luck in finding that new "home". It will come! Have fun with all the craziness :D

    Chrys: Indeed. Every step in the right direction is a step forward! Happy new year!

    Shannon: YES! Thank you for stopping by!

    Dean: Thank you for the encouragement! I always appreciate your words :D Have a very happy new year!

    Marie: Thank you Marie and I wish you the best in your dreams for 2015!!

    Melanie: Amen :D Thanks for the visit!!

    Doreen: Thank you so much! It's hard, but SO worth it! Best of luck to you!!

  19. Jen you are so brave... and a GREAT writer!
    Onward and upward! You can do it!

  20. Great line about tying your "insecurities to the bumper," and driving off to follow your dream! It's wonderful that your husband took this adventure with you, and hopefully he'll also find his dream job soon! Best of luck to both of you!


  21. Best wishes for the new year! My motto this year is "no more excuses." If you work hard, then it is a successful year, even if everything doesn't get accomplished.

  22. Michelle: Thank you SO MUCH! I always appreciate your enthusiasm and encouragement :D

    Julie: Thank you for visiting and for your kind words. Yes, we pretty much up and went with three weeks to prepare! Craziness! But I'm super glad my husband accommodates me and my crazy dreams!!

    Cherie: Thank you! You too! Thanks for the encouragement!! Wonderful motto :D

  23. Way to go! We're looking at downsizing this year and it's scary, but doable and we will get it done! Thanks for the motivational post! Late from IWSG, but got here all the same... Happy New Year!


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