Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tales from a Ragged Writer on a Tuesday in the Deep South!!!

First off, thank you to everyone who visited on IWSG day. I have fallen terribly behind. Last week, I saved a kitten from the jaws of a rabid hippopotamus and in the process wrenched my left shoulder muscle and pinched some crazy nerve that sends shooting pain across my chest every time I breathe.


Or I turned around and it my arm decided not to work and hurt.

We'll go with the first explanation. It sounds way more excusable (and way less lame). Regardless of how it happened, I have done nothing except come home from work and sit by the space heater. Sad but accurate account of lady's past week. It's better not but any amount of typing that requires more than a couple of fingers is painful.

Please accept my lame apology for not reading posts this month. Ugh...

In other news, I've been a planning machine! I got story ideas solidifying left and right. It's been such a long time since I've seen the larger picture with any of my stories. Daylight is beginning to glimmer with at least three of them. Now I get to narrow them down and choose one.

Again, ugh.

This post didn't turn out to be much more than me boring you to tears with excuses and ambiguous story work. Whoops! But I do so enjoy being here...and my New Years goal is to blog three days a week. So far, so good! Whiny posts be darned!!

Got any whining to do today? Lame excuses to confess? Did anybody else's husband meet Alton Brown? Wait - what?! Yep. True story. So jealous...

Have a wonderful Tuesday dear readers!

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  1. Sorry about your shoulder. Hate to say it, but the older you get, the more often you'll injure yourself just moving.


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