Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Foothills of Dreams

The weekend was whirlwind. Family appeared from out of town, a joyous cacophony. Two young second cousins and their mother, a neice and her grandmother, my mother, all from 300+ miles away to see, touch, and taste this new world we call home.

It was lovely chaos. We feasted and met across town; they came to the cottage for the "grand tour": a simple process of standing in a particular spot and veiwing the entire living space. Two of the children put on impromptu dance recitals while Jon gave my cousin a crash course in photography. The cat even wandered out to see what the fuss was about. He quickly retreated back into the bedroom, unimpressed by children dancing like mad hatters across the tiny living room floor.

Then -poof, swish- they were gone, back to metro Atlanta, back to their normal. And here I sit, my normal the hum of space heaters, the notes of classical piano wrapping around me with comfort and a tinge of sadness.

It is lonely sometimes in the foothills of your dreams.


  1. I am sure... Family is wonderful. You can't wait for the visit, but even though there is a void when they leave, it is nice to wrap yourself up back into your quiet world.

  2. But it is nice that they all came for a visit - and that they are close enough to do so.
    Even if they do make the cat hide.

  3. Michael: It's always fun when they visit but YES I do enjoy wrapping myself up in quiet...and warmth!

    Alex: Indeed! I never know what to expect when friends and family come into town.

    Cheri: We had a blast!!! Come back soon!!

  4. Hi Jen!
    Sounds like you had a wonderful whirlwind get-together...


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