Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Lessons in the Art of Slow


This sounds so simple, so natural, yet we tend to clench our faces and our lungs and stop inhaling...


Our breath is sacred. It gives life. It lets in memories through smell and calms our soul with steady rhythm.

Yoga helps when I forget to breathe.

I run through the poses I have memorized and find myself falling into a flow, letting the poses happen naturally. Sun Salute to Tree Pose to Dancer back to Sun Salutes. A cycle, a wheel.

It's what I like to call physical prayer. I'm not thinking, not praying out loud or even in my mind. I'm just going through the motions, letting my muscle memory take me up, down, side to side.




And soon I'm able to see things clearer, hear my own heartbeat and feel, for the first time all day, the rhythm of something besides that of the world.

It's the music of my spirit.

My music.

And that's sacred, worth protecting, and worth honoring every single day.



  1. Nicely said, Jen...

    Keep breathing, I constantly tell myself that. LOL.

  2. If we forget to breathe, then that's it.
    Right now my muscles just remember my last hard workout at the gym.


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