Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Letter F

WELCOME! To the 2015 A-Z Challenge!! My theme this year is Twenty-Six Days to Bring More LOVELY into Your Life. During the month of April, join me as I blog my way through the alphabet and highlight the bloggers, crafters and dreamers who make the online world (and the REAL world) a much more LOVELY place in which to live! I hope you find inspiration for your own journey.


When I first discovered our next inspiring individual, I was in my early twenties and the idea of bucking the system and forging my own path was beating mightily at my door. Because of this discovery, I thought for years that I wanted my own farm, live off the grid, and homestead FO LIFE!!

Life happened and, as we all should, I discovered where I truly belonged and needless to say that was NOT on a farm. A few months ago, I revisited Mary Jane Butters via her beautiful lifestyle books which mirror the magazine through which I first "met" her. It was through this revisit that I finally understood her mantra "Farmgirl is a condition of the heart!"

Letter F, as you've guessed, is for [F]armgirl. Mary Jane lives her dream on her farm in Idaho. She advocates eating local and as organic as possible. She got her start in this lifestyle by creating great tasting, convenient trail food. While a forest ranger, Mary Jane was disgusted by the trail food that was available. As any enterprising woman would, she made her own, shared it with friends and colleagues and her industry was born. It blossomed into a magazine that came out whenever she could get to it. No ads, no fluff, funded only by the mail-order catalogue that was the back half of the magazine. She did all the writing, all the photography, everything!

Now she hosts Farm parties, Farm stays, has a monthly magazine, and an entire line of bedding sold in well known department stores. She is a true inspiration of the make do and mend, start where you are and do what you do movement. She's made her lifestyle her business and shares it joyfully through her website, online journal, magazine, books, and farm visits.

Whether you live in the country or the city, want a herd of sheep or two chickens, make your own clothes or stitch on the weekends, check out Mary Jane Butters' world. Discover for yourself that Farmgirl (or guy!!) is a condition of the heart :)

Happy A-Z-ing!


  1. What a great enterprise, especially in this day and age. I think many people want healthier options, but don't know where to start. Mary Jane saw a need and filled it!
    Play off the Page

    1. I've followed her work for years! She's a true inspiration :)

  2. Wow, she really took her idea far. I'd like to try her trail mix.

    1. I've never tried her trail food but all her mixes look great!

  3. Love that "a condition of the heart"! New follower here. I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" challenge, and I look forward to visiting again!



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