Monday, April 13, 2015

The Letter K

WELCOME! To the 2015 A-Z Challenge!! My theme this year is Twenty-Six Days to Bring More LOVELY into Your Life. During the month of April, join me as I blog my way through the alphabet and highlight the bloggers, crafters and dreamers who make the online world (and the REAL world) a much more LOVELY place in which to live! I hope you find inspiration for your own journey.


**Just so you know, my letter J post didn't post on Saturday (for who knows what reason) but I posted it earlier this morning. Do make sure you check it out as well as this one!!**

First of all, I have to say that I KNOW that this next inspiring lady is going to FREAK OUT when she finds out she's my letter K. Jessica [K]allenbach is not only an inspiration, she's also a personal friend! That, I can truly say, is an honor and a privilege :)

Jessica is, hands down, one of the most enthusiastic, flamboyant, beautiful, talented, kind, and LOVELY souls I've ever met! She's tireless, indefatigable and is always, ALWAYS ready to help people feel lovely.

Her gift is making women look and feel beautiful in their own skin. Her passion is inspiring women to be their unique, beautiful selves. If I'm using the word "beautiful" a lot here, it's because that's Jessica's catch-word. It's also the root of her business: Beauty Unveiled Studios. Jessica spends her life encouraging women through her boudoir photography. She LOVES to get dressed up and dressing up others. Her artistic talent extends from the camera to the hair and makeup she does for her clients. Time and time again her clients review her work with the words "fun", "beautiful", "gorgeous" and "perfect".

I think that about does it for me, too :)

Thank you, Jessica, for inspiring me to step out and "just do it" in terms of my dreams and goals. Thank you for helping me to realize that I am beautiful just the way I am and I have unique gifts and talents to offer the world. Thank you for being such an encouragement!!! I love you, girl!! xo

Happy A-Z-ing!


  1. This is an uplifting theme!

    Stopping in from the A to Z Challenge...

    John Holton
    Blogging from A to Z 2015 Cohost
    The Sound of One Hand Typing

  2. Hi, Jen,

    What a wonderful theme! Sorry I have't been around, but I have good news. I found my next home in Tampa, Florida. I decided this city was a much better fit for me than Atlanta, which I still do love. But in Tampa, I have family close by and close friends in the state of Florida, where in Atlanta, I really have no one. So I spent a great deal of time in South Tampa over the past few months and found a terrific and usual place.... A carriage house located in a condo compound. It's a great space, but needs TONS of work. Which is fine, because that is what I do as an interior designer....

    Such a lovely tribute to your friend!

    1. This is wonderful news Michael! I know you've been searching for a long time. O had family who loved about an hour from Tampa. I'd visit when o was little. It was beautiful! Congrats on your new place and I hope you settle in quickly!!

  3. That's interesting that she takes boudoir photos; I think her pictures would definitely make women feel more confident, like you said. I must admit that the last time I willingly posed for formal pictures was for my high school senior pictures, and only then because they were required for the yearbook; I always hide whenever pictures are taken.

    1. Haha! You sound like me. I'm more comfortable behind the camera than on front of it!


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