Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Letter L

WELCOME! To the 2015 A-Z Challenge!! My theme this year is Twenty-Six Days to Bring More LOVELY into Your Life. During the month of April, join me as I blog my way through the alphabet and highlight the bloggers, crafters and dreamers who make the online world (and the REAL world) a much more LOVELY place in which to live! I hope you find inspiration for your own journey.


Magpie and Bower Bird are the two entities that come to mind when I start thinking about my arts and crafts obsession. I don't just collect crafts, I hoard them: the supplies, the books, the Pinterest pages. I have to have them all! To look at and, one day, attempt. This next Inspiring Lovely is one of the FIRST people I ever discovered who made art-as-a-living realistically obtainable in my eyes.

[L]otta Jansdotter doesn't just make prints; she designs beauty and creates and shares unique interpretations of those prints. She also, through her books, shares how to design and create your own, unique prints. These lovely designs are used in home goods, fabric, ceramics: you name it, Lotta's work has probably been printed on it.

Lotta got her start as a college drop out. True story! She thought she wanted to major in art, took a few classes in college, signed up for a screen printing class and that was all she needed! She used that class and accumulated knowledge from her own brave experience to found her own company. Her creations are now known around the world.

See, you really CAN create something bold, brilliant, unique and simple that can become a lifestyle AND a source of inspiration for others. She's inspired me to develop my own style of design and illustration and not feel inadequate against others who seem more "professional". I'm not a fine artist. I don't create in the Realism style of art. What I do is uniquely ME and I'm learning to be just fine with that!

Keep doing what you're doing, Lotta! I'm always excited to see your new collections. And YOU, Dear Reader, keep doing what YOU do, whatever that is, to make life more beautiful, more lovely, right where you are. Your life is your art; find your medium and let the world in on it!



  1. Brand new follower here, dropping by from A to Z.

    Nice to meet you, Jen!

    2015 A to Z Challenge Co-Host
    Matthew MacNish from The QQQE

    1. Thanks Matthew! Nice to meet you as well!!

  2. Started her own company - impressive.

    1. Her story is very inspiring...and I love her work!

  3. I find Lotta inspiring as well. And yay you for finding and honoring you own space and style.


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