Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Letter P

I discovered this next lady years ago, before she moved back home to Australia. When she lived on a house boat in Amsterdam. [P]ia Jane Bijkerk's blog is exquisite and her words and story are poetry. She has several books out that I am STILL hunting. Yes, I know I could order them on THAT site, but I'd much rather find them, stumble upon them in sheer bliss. Somehow that seems fitting for a book titled "My Heart Wanders". Click over to her site and enjoy a romp through loveliness. Take some tea or coffee - you'll be there for a while!

Happy A-Z-ing! We're almost there! WHAT?!?


  1. I added her blog to my Feedly, favorites on food.

  2. Oh, that above comment was supposed to be for Q. Catching up on your posts today!

    1. No worries! I'm sorry I'm so behind on your posts. Wow! I feel like all I have time for anymore is work!!


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