Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Letter V

Good grief are we really on the letter V already? seriously seems like the just the other day we started.

I am so far behind in reading I will probably never catch up! Work has been insane and I haven't the energy for anything else when I get off...except the posting of course! Trust me; that is a miracle :) And I'm so happy to be here for that!

On to the Letter V!!

Yvette [V]an Boven has the most delectable books. Yes, this is ANOTHER cookbook author/chef. I seem to have a couple of those on this list, don't I? You'd think I liked food or something...

Again, this was a happy stumble-find. Her cookbook Homemade Winter was the most luscious book on the bookshelves that day. I drooled over it. It went back on the shelf. It then reappeared in the form of a Christmas present a few weeks later! Ta-da! See, there really IS a Santa Claus!

Yvette's work is witty, charming, delicious, and fun! Seriously! She may be a world class chef, restauranteur, food editor, etc. but her books are delightful! All the quirky little illustrations add the perfect, personal touches to her already conversational writing style; you read the book and feel like she's in the kitchen with you. Only she's not. She's in Amsterdam.

Or Paris.

Or Ireland.

Lovely, food writing deliciousness. Go on, check it out! You'll be baking before nightfall, I just know it!



  1. I don't like to cook, but you certainly make her book sound delicious!!!

    1. Oh it is a BEAUTIFUL book and she adds such cute drawings and anecdotes!


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