Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Letter X

Well, this post is up late! BUT it's up and that, my friends, is what matters :)

Oh, and I should warn you, this post is a TOTAL cop-out but it was the ONLY thing I could think to do with the letter X.

X is notoriously hard. EVERYONE doing the A-Z must meet this bugbear head-on and there are some very, very creative ways of doing so. Because, let's face it: this letter is HARD to find a word for that actually fits a topic!

Unless of course you're doing musical instruments or pharmaceuticals...

When I was in high school, the X-Files was in full swing. I LOVED that show and would watch it every week with my dad. The X in the title, of course, suggested the unexplained and the inexplicable. Things that were beyond human understanding. There are MANY authors out there who tackle the unexplained in their writing. Ghosts and goblins, graveyards and aliens, worlds behind panels in the wall - these are just some of the topics writers of Science Fiction and Fantasy enjoy perusing.

I could have chosen anyone but I chose Neil Gaiman. Why? Because he's NEIL GAIMAN that's why!! Not only is he an amazingly talented writer, he's a humble, kind, beautiful soul. You've all heard of him; you've all probably read something he's written. He inspires me to be myself, to write my heart out, and to not shy away from the unexplained and the strange and the beautiful.

Happy A-Z...and please forgive this cop-out post!


  1. It's not a cop-out post, especially because X-Files was a huge show back in the 90s. I never watched it though; I was obsessed with shows like Felicity and Dawson's Creek back then (what? I was a teenager).

  2. Love that last sentence. My sister said that she thinks The Graveyard book is about the most perfect book she's read. I liked it, too. I also like his speech on living the creative life.

  3. thank you for this your broadcast provided bright clear concept..



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