Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Letter Z




Yep, that's the number of posts we have left in the 2015 A-Z Challenge. We made it kids!! Congratulations to EVERYONE who participated and made it to the very end. And a HUGE congrats to those who actually had the chance to read other blogs and get to know other bloggers.

Unfortunately, that wasn't in the cards for me this year, but I feel pretty accomplished having posted for 26 days straight.

And THAT, dear friends, is very inspiring indeed!

I hope you've enjoyed my little romp through the blog-verse. I hope you've met some new people who can inspire YOU to live a more lovely life, a more beautiful life. People who can encourage you to step out and do what YOU believe you're on this earth to do.

Have a wonderful night, lovelies! I'll be offline the next few days. Here's to a wonderful summer blogging, living, and enjoying life!



  1. We did it!
    Congrats on reaching the A to Z finishing line, Jen.

  2. Sorry I have been away . . in hospital with a bad leg.
    But I feel a little like Z for Zebedee . . . . the spring is coming back into my step.
    Congratulations on your marathon 26 letters must equal 26 marathon miles . . . Eddie . . :)

  3. You did great. Excellent theme. See you around the 'sphere during regular old postings, too!

  4. This is a really good idea that you have going on. manufacturing



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