wanderings and wonderings

I am a rabbit-trailer.
You know the type. 
We start out researching one thing
and end up tumbling down the rabbit hole,
following idea after delicious idea.
That's how this list came about.
And if you're a fellow rabbit-trailer be warned:
We may never see you again...

The British Library - Let's see; it says "British" and "Library" to describe the same place. What's NOT to love about this place?

Bodleian Library, Oxford - Former haven of the likes of JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis.

Trinity College Library, Dublin - In my humble opinion, the most beautiful library in the world.

Project Gutenberg - free eBooks. Old, gloriously old books, hard to find titles and obscure authors. Make time for this link, friends!

Book Riot - Oh my! Links galore! Book gifts, reading lists, podcasts, articles pertaining to every genre known to man. I could go on, but if you click over, you'll find more than I could describe :)

Craft Foxes - Because I'm a sucker for a good craft site. I can't read all the time, right? Sometimes I have to SEW!

I have a strange fascination with Charles Williams. If I told you why, I'd "spoiler" an amazing series! Ha! How's that for enigmatic ;)
The Oddest Inkling
What We're Reading: Charles Williams (The New Yorker)
The Charles Williams Society - of COURSE he has a society! No self-respecting Inkling wouldn't!
What About Charles Williams? (Touchstone Magazine)

And just in case you have absolutely no CLUE what I'm talking about when I say "Inkling" : About the Inklings (The Mythopoeic Society - a MAGNIFICENT place unto itself BTW)

The New Yorker (Books Section)
& The New Yorker (Culture Section)

The New York Times Arts' Section

Georgia Public Broadcasting
Arts & Entertainment , News & Events , History , Science and Nature

National Public Radio
Arts & Life

Washington Post Books' Section

The Sun magazine

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