tea and books

C.S. Lewis admitted, "You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me." There's beauty in a steaming cup of fragrant tea and a favorite book. A rare day where nothing demands my attention finds me curled up on a sofa, a pot of Earl Grey at my side, and a book in my lap. That is simple, do it yourself luxury at its finest.

Tea and books is what this blog is really all about: the spirit of simple luxury that calls to the soul and burdens the heart until, at last, the steam rises, the fingers are warmed and the pages rustle with the slow, satisfied turning of a book worm well fed. Its purpose is to help YOU bring these two ingredients into your everyday life. 

Living a literary lifestyle isn't about being a literature professor or writing literary fiction. It's about welcoming books and stories into you everyday life and surrounding yourself with lovely, little things. My goal is to gather and curate as many of those lovely, little things as I can and create projects and decor to fuel this idea of a Literary Lifestyle and infuse it into every aspect of life!

I created this blog as a gathering place for those who love reading, writing, crafting, drinking tea and creating a luxurious, do it yourself lifestyle.

Tea drinkers love books love writing love crafting. It's a circle, one we are happy to get lost in. Not all readers write; not all tea drinkers craft. Somewhere, however, there is an amalgam of these pursuits and we tend to congregate in small huddles in nooks and crannies, together, sheltered from the outside world by steaming cuppas and the rustle of pages or the clack of knitting needles. This is community, luxury, a calling of  and coming home.

Everyone has a different version of luxury and their own idea of what living a Literary Lifestyle means. I hope in this blog, you'll let me help you find yours.

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