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Welcome to Cup and Page.

A breath of fresh air, I hope, in a world that seems to rush by without pause, without thought. Moments go by, whoosh, without reflection, lost in the dust of a thousand things to do. A commonplace, a gathering place. A coming home to hearth and fire, hot tea and good book. Here you're encouraged to be yourself, to converse with strangers and kindred spirits; to explore, room by room, the thoughts, images, and ideas I've collected in this online cabinet of curiosities. To create beautiful things, write beautiful words, and share them with others who do the same.

Cup and Page was created to provide a respite from the hullabaloo of modern living. I am inspired by stories, by beautiful things. Whether by writing them or reading them, by crafting them myself or adopting them from the shops of others, lovely words and little things surround me.


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Thank you for taking the time out of your busy, fantastic life to pay a visit! I appreciate every, single comment and I'll continue the conversation here :) It makes this big blog-verse of ours feel a little more like home.

Cheers! ~J