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J. Stanton Chandler
southern gothic and speculative fiction

Every story has two sides. This particular side is the darker side of things. Being from the South, Jen has a penchant for dark and stormy nights, haunted shorelines, and a tale of terror. She's drawn to classic horror and the gothic tales of E.A. Poe and H.P. Lovecraft.

They could be the reason she used an initial in her pen name.

If you favor a bit of fright to your reading, wander by. Explore the attics, basements, and abandoned places found down lonely dirt roads, tucked into ancient mountains, and hidden away in forgotten rooms.

Just remember to leave a light on.

Tales from a Wandering Writer
the words and whimsy of author Jen Chandler

when she's not writing horror under the name j. stanton chandler, Jen writes southern and women's fiction as well as lifestyle and craft books. she loves lovely little things and doesn't mind sharing them with any and everyone who's interested. Jen is addicted to crafting and collecting vintage fabric, fabrics she swears follows her home without her knowledge!

on this blog, Jen writes about writing, about her many craft and DIY projects as well as her weekly ramblings around her home in South Georgia. wander by! she'd be happy to meet you!

The Dark Side Bakery
an online gathering place for writers and readers of speculative fiction
(and fans of tasty baked goods!)

Jen noticed there wasn't as many speculative fiction sites as she would like. She also noticed that there weren't a lot of women writing horror and other dark fiction. So she up and created THIS, The Dark Side Bakery. Fueled by a love for old fashioned ghost stories and her southern gothic roots -and a passion for gluten free baking- Jen decided to make a place where spec fiction writers could gather, discuss, and work on their preferred genre, all while feasting on some pretty darn good treats! Come to The Dark Side! We really do have cookies :)

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