Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Archi(texture)al Salvage

Around the manor...i do so love the way OLD looks and feels.

Good morning all you happy, smiling faces! If I sound REALLY cheerful it's because the sun has finally decided to warm up the good earth here in Georgia and I'm actually warm enough to work outside. Aaahhh...

Here at the Manor, we tend to adopt things. LOTS of things. Inanimate, in-dire-need-of-repair sorts of things. We certainly didn't set out to take in all these tables and chairs and cast-offs. The pariahs of living rooms everywhere come to our House of Healing. It's quite funny really how many tables and chairs we've accumulated over almost ten years of marriage.

I have always loved architecture. Anything connected to art history has my attention anyway, but architecture is such a large format for beautiful design. I love old buildings and all the design elements that go into making an old building unique and inhabitable. Perhaps those vibes project and that's why all this stuff finds its way here!

My husband collects cast-offs from ditches, customers' back yards, and sides of roads. My father used to do the same for my mother. He's brought home wing back chairs, dining room suits, couches, and three legged tables. Those top two pictures in the collage above is what he did with the three legged table. The majority of it became a fixture on the front porch; the other half was fitted with spoons for hooks and now resides in the kitchen. The ladder-now-magazine rack was leaning up against our last loft, waiting for the elements to take it to glory. And that last picture? Well, some friends of ours sent home an old, sage velvet couch. Last night. It needs a bit of TLC, but other than that it's gorgeous. Just what this old manor needs to spruce itself up a bit!

Got any projects lying around YOUR manor to be finished? Do you collect wandering items or is it just an odd disease I contracted from my parents? Do tell!

Cheers! And happy, sunshiny day!


  1. My husband's blog is named Gothridge Manor, so we often write here at the Manor in our blogs as well.

    Cool beans on the finds. Some neat stuff. Cheers and boogie boogie.

  2. Whisk: I saw that yesterday! I love it. It's so much fun to slap a "fancy" label on your house. Makes home seem that much more special :)

  3. Hi Jen, thanks for stopping by my blog! I love how creatively you two have used these "patients" in your house. I think my favorite is the half table on the porch! We don't tend to collect things like this, but that's because we live in a small condo in the city. If we didn't, all bets would be off!

  4. I LOVE old architecture and items with a history, but unfortunately the allergies keep me from collecting them. Things in my house have to be new or my quality of life is not so great. Guess that's why we're building this summer...

    True Heroes from A to Z

  5. It is fun. Love your finds. This year our plan is to get out more and do some yard sale hunting.

  6. The magazine rack is clever. I'll send you all my junk from now on.

  7. Liz: You're more than welcome. I understand! We lived in a converted garage for 4 years and there was no room to collect anything! Now that we have some room, we're definitely making up for the years we didn't :)

    Crystal: I'm so sorry! That kind of happens to me with old book stores and antique marts but I suffer joyfully. Ugh. It's no fun, though, and I certainly wish I didn't have to suffer at all! Glad you can build! That will be a fun adventure!

    Whisk: Thanks. I love yard sale hunting. We definitely need to do more of that this summer.

    Alex: Send it on over! Of course, go easy: the out building has reached capacity!

  8. We have a few items waiting for a child or two to settle into a permanent place so we can share our found treasures.

    Love the 1/2 table as a planter/exterior window sill.

  9. Hmmm... Time to tackle that couch and start fighting with all those springs!

  10. Dean: Thanks!

    Jon: Yes! I can't wait to see what it's going to look like :D

  11. How original. I especially liked the spoon hooks and the three-legged table that no longer has three legs! I would love to see your entire house. It must feel cosy and welcoming with all this history inside...

  12. How original. I especially liked the spoon hooks and the three-legged table that no longer has three legs! I would love to see your entire house. It must feel cosy and welcoming with all this history inside...


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